2021 3rd International Conference on Electronics and Communication, Network and Computer Technology (ECNCT 2021)
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Keynote Speakers


Professor Zhiyong Zhang                              

Director of Henan International Joint Laboratory of Cyberspace Security Applications,               

Vice-Dean of College of Information Engineering, Henan University of Science and Technology, China

Professor Zhang conducts research in such fields as cyber space security, big data and artificial intelligence, software engineering and requirement engineering, model identification and intelligent system, and systems engineering. His research direction includes cyber space security and cutting-edge computing, intelligent manufacturing and system security driven by big data, 5G industrial internet security, social cyber-physical fusion system and multi-agent collaboration for the production field, social computing and intelligence, multimedia cloud computing and edge computing, software intelligent theory and application, and block chain technology, etc. In terms of social multimedia application scenes, Professor Zhang has put forward SocialSitu and built the security theory and framework of SocialSitu.          


Professor Lisu Yu

Nanchang University, China 

Research Area: (1) 5th/6th Generation Mobile Communication Technology; (2) NOMA-MIMO; (3) Machine Learning; (4)Internet of Things; (6) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Drones; (7) Optimization Algorithm


Professor Lin Chen

University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China